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Warren G. Freeman, Esq

This California born Nevada resident was destined for law from the start. Through his adolescence he channeled his energy and aggression on the football and track field. Although this true extrovert loved sports, Warren was no stranger to the written word and relentlessly read history, mythology and played strategically based games like Dungeons and Dragons in his spare time. He applied his thirst for knowledge and love of reading to receive is multiple college degrees, including the Juris Doctorate he received at William S. Boyd Law School.

His knowledge, energy and tactical aggression are not the only things make him such an excellent lawyer. Warren G, Freeman is truly passionate about helping his clients and is driven by empathy to fight hard for their cases. If there is a way for his clients to gain an advantage, he will work tirelessly to get it, because he cares. It is your life that he is fighting for, something he doesn’t take lightly.

“Mr. Freeman is one of the most honest people you will find. He is an exceptionally hard worker and will do what it takes to get you the results you deserve.”Roger Bailey, Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas, NV


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Good or bad , rich or poor person, getting arrested for a DUI is incredibly tormenting.

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A warrant authorizes law enforcement to immediately arrest you. Call me ASAP.

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